Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blog Postings

As a reminder, the requirements for each blog posting will consist of:
  • A review of the main point of the class lecture/demonstration.  This summary should highlight any relevant formulas and/or graphs and communicate your interpretation of the concept covered in class. (15 pts)  For this part of the posting, I am looking for quality, not quantity.

  • An example problem, including a statement of the problem, the answer, and the solution method.  (For your first post, using an example covered in class is acceptable, for additional postings, original examples will be required.) (10 pts)

  • A link to an additional Internet resource supporting the Topic of The Day. (5 pts)

  • A reminder to the next BlogMaster of their responsibility to post. (5 pts)

  • A “personalization” of your posting.  This personalization can be a comment about the day’s class, an image, a quotation, a question posed for discussion, a joke, or something else that reflects you as a student.  These personalizations must be in good taste!  (5 pts)

In addition to your posting, you will be expected to comment on a minimum of two (2) of your classmates postings during each quarter.  These comments must either further enhance your classmates’ understanding of the posted topic or further a discussion question posed in the original posting.

Additional Notes:
  • Postings will be due within 24 hours of class.  I will post a schedule of class scribes for the first quarter once everyone has joined the class blog.

  • For help with posting equations and graphs, please feel free to come ask me for assistance.

  • Initially, the blogs will be hosted on  As the year progresses, we hope to migrate to an internal website.

  • While we are on, there is some software available through the website that allows creation/editing of posts via Microsoft Word.


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