Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chapter 2 Test Topics

Here’s a list of topics that will be covered on this Thursday’s Chapter 2 Test. I've included relevant homework problems to review:

Chapter 2 Test Topics:
Evaluating limits from a graph. (Sec. 2.2, #5,7; Sec. 2.6, #3)
Evaluating limits at infinity (the Great Battle!) (Sec. 2.6, #13-33 odd,51)
Find horizontal and vertical asymptotes of a rational function. (Sec. 2.6,#37,39,41)
Sketch a discontinuous function and define/explain the discontinuities. (Sec. 2.5,29,39,43)
Find an equation of a tangent line to a curve using a particular method (either x approaches a or h approaches zero). (Sec. 2.7, #5)
Find an equation of a tangent line – any method. (Sec. 2.7, #7,13,17)
Determine “a” to ensure a limit exists for a rational function. (Sec. 2.3, #59)
Determine differentiability of a function at a point. Justify your answer. (Sec. 2.9, #43)
Interpret the meaning of a derivative. (Sec.2.8, #29,31)
Sketch a graph given limit and derivative conditions. (Sec. 2.2, #13; Sec. 2.6, #5,7; Sec. 2.8, #5)
Sketch the derivative of a function given a graph of the original function. (Sec. 2.9, #4,7,9,11)

The last two sketches will be worth a total of 90 points all by themselves, and the test is somewhat long (20 questions). Many of the questions can be answered without a lot of calculations. Be sure to allocate your time wisely!

I’ll be in early on Thursday, and available online after Back to School Night on Wednesday. See you in class!

Here's a site to practice sketching derivatives from a graph.


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